We as Baran Informatics believe that the way that goes to success is possible with the effective usage of “information”. In this customer-oriented e-transformation process of the structural reforms describing Turkey’s transition process into information community, meeting of the decisionmaking mechanisms with informatics, providing effectiveness and productivity with the opportunities of technology, Baran Informatics takes place with the solutions they provide. Baran Informatics has secured its position in the market via its widespread organization, experienced staff, original solutions, r&d investments and qualified service approach. In media, production and service sectors which are the strategic sectors of Baran Informatics, it works with the aim of providing its customers to have maximum benefit from information technologies investments. We, as Baran Informatics, work with pacemaker producer and solution partners in order to provide the most comprehensive solution portfolio and service for our customers. We provide effective BT services by integrating the technologies in different specialties in order to give the best solution.

Baran Informatics generates solutions for all corporations and establishments related to broadcasting sector such as television channels, production companies and communication faculties in order to contribute the broadcasting sector to provide more productive, more credible, faster and more innovative services by using the current technologies. Baran Informatics has reached a very strong substructure which will be able to support the ongoing HD broadcasting integration by its award winning projects based on a long history. The most important point in the success of integration projects is experience and trust. Baran Informatics has realized many broadcasting projects in Turkey up to the present. Baran Informatics being the leader system integrator company of broadcasting market supports the informatics projects which will be realized in the context of integration works of the new broadcasting technologies in our country by using its project experience based on a long history. Completely in the direction of the needs and demands of our customers, it provides successfully the turnkey projects of every kind of system components together with its business partners which have become a world brand in its sector in the first hand. The target of Baran Informatics in broadcasting field as being the strongest actor of the market in present situation is to use the informatics technologies of Television Channels, Production companies, Universities and all related corporation and establishments of our country in the upper level and reach the point by supporting with its projects together with them.

Baran Informatics, which targets the application of informatics in post-production field and increase in effectiveness and productivity for both service provider and the served, provides integrated solutions in production operations by improving the business processes. Baran Informatics provides turnkey integrated solutions, Video Tape Recorder (VTR) devices, Ingest Solutions, Reflecmedia chroma key solutions, Color correction systems, desktop and rack mount storage solutions, Shared Video pools, Apple solutions and information technology solutions adapted towards the needs of production establishments by using the most suitable technologies.

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