We as Baran Informatics believe that the way that goes to success is possible with the effective usage of “information”.In this customer-oriented e-transformation process of the structural reforms describing Turkey’s transition processinto information community, meeting of the decisionmaking mechanisms with informatics, providing effectiveness and productivity with the opportunities of technology, Baran Informatics takes place with the solutions they provide.Baran Informatics has secured its position in the market via its widespread organization, experienced staff, originalsolutions, r&d investments and qualified service approach. In media, production and service sectors which are the strategicsectors of Baran Informatics, it works with the aim of providing its customers to have maximum benefit frominformation technologies investments. We, as Baran Informatics, work with pacemaker producerand solution partners in order to provide the most comprehensive solution portfolio and service for our customers. Weprovide effective BT services by integrating the technologies in different specialties in order to give the best solution.
Tam anlamiyla farkli bir sey yaratabilmek için, tam anlamiyla farkli bir sekilde çalismaniz gerekir. Apple tasarimcilari ve mühendisleri, ürün gelistirmenin her safhasind[...]
Hizlandirilmis Mimari Çekirdek sayinizi seçin: 4, 6, 8 ya da 12 Yeni Mac Pro, Intel tabanli iki gelismis islemci seçenegi sunar. Dört çekirdekli Intel Xeon &quo[...]

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