Baran Informatics generates solutions for all corporations and establishments relatedto broadcasting sector such as television channels, production companies and communicationfaculties in order to contribute the broadcasting sector to provide moreproductive, more credible, faster and more innovative servicesby using the current technologies.Baran Informatics has reached a very strong substructurewhich will be able to support the ongoing HD broadcastingintegration by its award winning projects basedon a long history. The most important point in the successof integration projects is experience and trust.Baran Informatics has realized many broadcastingprojects in Turkey up to the present. Baran Informaticsbeing the leader system integrator company of broadcastingmarket supports the informatics projects which will be realized in the context ofintegration works of the new broadcasting technologies in our country by using itsproject experience based on a long history.Completely in the direction of the needsand demands of our customers, it providessuccessfully the turnkey projects of everykind of system components together withits business partners which have become aworld brand in its sector in the first hand.The target of Baran Informatics in broadcastingfield as being the strongest actor of the market in present situation is to use the informatics technologies of TelevisionChannels, Production companies, Universities and all related corporation and establishments of our country in the upper leveland reach the point by supporting with its projects together with them.

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